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Rydo: Transforming the Australian Taxi Business with Innovative App Development


With two decades of experience in the Australian taxi industry and a vast network of 17,000 loyal drivers, GM Cabs embarked on a mission to stay ahead of the game when ride-hailing apps like Uber were taking the passenger world by storm. Their solution? The Rydo app, a game-changer designed to protect their core payment processing business while providing a seamless experience for both passengers and drivers.

Navigating Challenges

GM Cabs faced unique challenges in the development of Rydo, mainly due to a prior unsuccessful foray into app development. Determined to avoid past mistakes, they sought trustworthy partners and established rigorous performance measures in their contracts. Xenxcel, a key player in the development process, took charge of the backend, connecting the app in passengers’ hands with GM Cab’s data center and the terminals in thousands of taxis.

Effective Communication

Communication proved to be the linchpin of this project’s success, given the involvement of multiple software development companies. Daily scrum meetings kept everyone aligned, and GM Cabs’ CEO, Nickolas Mikhael, was an active participant, ensuring transparency in progress. This enhanced communication significantly improved the project’s efficiency compared to previous attempts, where costly errors were commonplace.

A Collaborative Partnership

The relationship between GM Cabs and we transcended a typical client-vendor dynamic; it was a partnership. We showed genuine enthusiasm for Rydo’s success, offering valuable industry insights and suggesting improvements. This collaborative approach created a sense of personal attachment to the project, ensuring a dedication that extended beyond contractual obligations.

From Concept to Reality

GM Cabs recognized that competing against established apps required Rydo to launch with a full suite of features and even more. Xenxcel played a pivotal role in translating ideas into features, enabling Rydo to offer a superior service. Nickolas Mikhael appreciated having a partner who could harness his ideas and transform them into functional solutions, without the need for exhaustive briefs.

The Winning Ingredients

Rydo’s rapid acceptance among drivers and popularity with passengers can be attributed to its sophisticated backend logic, invisible to users but essential for delivering timely and quality services. Key features like real-time taxi information, advance bookings, and customizable vouchers have empowered Rydo to penetrate the corporate market successfully.

Impressive Results in Six Months

From the initial contact with GM Cabs to its availability on app stores, Rydo was developed in just six months. The results speak for themselves. Not only have passengers embraced Rydo’s user-friendly platform, but drivers are eagerly adopting its terminals. GM Cabs has even established a waiting list for the first time, marking Rydo as a unique success story in the industry—a testament to an app that truly serves both passengers and drivers.

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